3M/Avery/APA vinyl wrap gives your vehicle a unique look with the best quality you can trust. Want to give your vehicle a new look along with protecting the OEM paint simultaneously? 3M/Avery and APA vinyl wraps will protect the paint underneath and can be removed at a later time, leaving the paint under in its original form. Illmatic wraps offers custom designs or a complete color change that will have onlookers take a second look! We offer more than 500 finishes to choose from and provide the exact look you want. Take your pick from shade-shifting Flip films, Gloss, Matte, Metallic wraps, Brushed or Carbon Fibers with textured feel and Chrome vinyl. We offer full or partial wraps and plotting decals and full graphics. Illmatic wraps designers can custom design your desired image(s) and provide every specification in-house. Vinyl wrap offers a versatile look to your vehicle. Includes: 3 year warranty against bubbling and peeling. ***Your custom wrap should last 5-7 years.